“Hmm…” said a still sleepy Khushi. Last night’s activities had left her extremely tired, but her husband was waking her up with feather light kisses and his husky voice, what woman could resist that?

“Khushi. I have to leave now, but remember we have plans tonight.” He said planting a kiss on the curve of her neck. “I’ll send a car at 7, be ready.”

“But Arnav, I still don’t get why we have to be away for the whole night!” Khushi said while picking herself up on her elbows, which made the sheet covering her slip a little.

Arnav let his heated gaze roam over her, his little nymph. She looked like a sweet, pure angel, covered in the white sheet, but he knew better, didn’t he?

He glanced at her with a gaze that sent shivers down her spine, and said “Because sweetheart, you are going to be screaming my name tonight, and I don’t want any interruptions.”

Smirking at the blush that spread not only on her face but lower, he left her with a kiss that promised sweet torture.


Khushi was unable to concentrate on anything the whole day because Arnav’s words kept reverberating in her mind. She had put too much salt in the dal, dropped the utensils in kitchen several times, broke a vase while walking in a daze, and generally caused more accidents than usual. And the family was having way too much fun teasing her for her liking.

This wouldn’t do,  she thought. She has to have an upper hand tonight! And what better way than to use her feminine wiles?


Khushi walked into the room that her husband booked for them. Once a month, they went away for a little time to themselves. As much as Khushi loved staying with the family, they were bound to get interrupted with so many people in the house.

She knocked on the door of the suite her husband and her had frequented. Besides, this made her feel like she was doing something forbidden, only adding to the excitement.

Arnav opened the door in his casual jeans and white button down shirt, making Khushi lose her senses for a minute. He looked absolutely devilish in casuals, and a white shirt at that, and he knew it. His smirk at her expression stopped midway when he saw what she was wearing.

She was wearing a red netted saree, that left her midriff barely covered for his eyes to feast on. He hair was open and flowing, just the way he liked it. And she wore nothing except for the mangalsutra and the sindoor in her parting.

Arnav was not someone who liked all the baggage that came with a marriage, but after marrying Khushi he realized that he quite liked all the things that showed that world that she was his.

She was the one who smirked after seeing her husband’s reaction, her mission was a success.

He stepped aside to let her in. She sashayed into the room, adding a little extra swing to her hips, after all she knew what their end goal was.

“Dinner’s here” he said, tilting his head towards the table in the room. There was a single rose in the center and only one plate.

“Going for the romantic setting, I see” she said with a wink. She knew that he wasn’t someone who was into all the cliched bollywood romance, and she didn’t hold it against him. He showed her his love in simple things like this.

“No, going for the I want to make love to you, so might as well start the foreplay with food setting” he answered with a straight face, and then smiled when he saw her mouth fall open. Not so naughty now, are we Mrs. Raizada?

She composed herself and asked him “well, what are we waiting for?” Saying this she walked over to the table and sat down.

He sat down next to her, and served the food into the plate. “Uh…Arnav, where are the utensils?”

In answer, he picked up the Oyster shell and held it up to her mouth. Khushi opened her mouth to taste it and licked her lips to prevent the juice from falling down.
“What are these?” she asked. They were salty, mild in taste, but had many layers to it.

“Oysters. You know, they are called aphrodisiacs” he said with a secret smile.

“What’s that?”

“They supposedly increase your desire” he said in a husky voice.

She blushed a tomato red, and looked away from him. As if we need any help.

He turned her head towards him and pointed at the plate, asking her to feed him.

They took turns feeding each other, licking here, nipping there.By the end of the dinner, neither of them could wait for the night to progress.

Khushi, especially, being keyed up the whole day couldn’t take it anymore, and on the last bite, caught hold of Arnav’s hand and sucked his finger into her mouth, letting him know that she was tired of fighting.

Arnav felt his breath leave his body. He pulled her close and kissed her. Her lips parted, eager to take him in, taste him, consume him.

He pulled back from her, making her frown.

“Khushi? Do you trust me?”

“Of course, Arnav! What brought this on?”

He smoothed the v that formed in between her eyebrows when she was confused about something, and kissed her on her lips, then cheek, and finally right below her ear, before whispering “Keep your eyes closed”

Khushi who had already closed them in pleasure, nodded.

She felt his heat enveloping her leave and frowned again.

“Trust me Khushi” he whispered from behind her, and she felt a blindfold cover her eyes.

She wanted to ask him what was going on, but he had asked her to trust him, and trust him she would.

He held her shoulders and made her get out of the chair. It was a weird feeling, losing one of your senses and relying on someone to guide you, trusting them to not let you fall.

He traced the slope of her neck, inhaling her scent, then followed the path with his lips. Feather light kisses adorned her neck, and suddenly he nipped her where her neck met her collarbone, making her gasp. His fingers closed around her bare waist as he soothed the burn with his tongue.

His hand pushed her hair over her shoulder and traced the path of her blouse from one end to the other.
He removed the pin that held her pallu up and let it fall. The harsh cloth of the saree moving down her skin, combined with her husband’s talented fingers made goose bumps rise on her skin.

“I hope this is okay with you, Khushi? I don’t want to push you further than you can take.”

One line from Khushi was enough to erase all his fears. “I trust you, Arnav”

He trailed his hand to the center of her back, and his lips followed, eager to taste what the hands touched. He stopped where her blouse was being held secure by one small dori and pulled it open with his teeth, grazing her skin in the process.

“Arnav…” Khushi sighed, unable to take the sweet torture being inflicted on her. Her vision being restrained, heightened her other senses, touch in particular. Where his touch used to sent her to peaks of passion, it now consumed her whole being, wanting to be taken to the little piece of heaven as soon as possible.

“Patience, Khushi, good things come to those who wait” said Arnav, and Khushi heard the slight hint of smirk in his voice. He was enjoying teasing her.

He let the blouse slide down her body much the same way her saree had. Her whole upper half was bare and being offered to him. He cupped her from behind and ran his thumbs over her peaks, and she let out a moan as a tingle ran down her spine as his coarse fingers touched her sensitive skin.

She felt him move away from her body and let out a whine. Why was he torturing her so?

She gasped as she was pulled by her waist and collided into his hard muscular form, she could feel his hardness poking into her stomach and let out another moan, why was he making her wait when he was so clearly aroused?

Arnav took her lips into a demanding kiss, nipping and sucking until she allowed him entrance, and what ensued was a battle for dominance. Their tongues fought to gain the upper hard, to make the other person lose control. In the meanwhile Arnav and Khushi’s hands were busy stripping each other.

Khushi caught hold of his shirt and ripped at the front causing the button to fly everywhere, and Arnav chuckling at her eagerness pulled at her skirt letting the last resistance fall.

He pulled back from the kiss first and took her in, unable to stop his hands from having free reign over her smooth skin. “You weren’t wearing anything under the saree?” he asked, slightly surprised at her forwardness.

“I didn’t want to waste any time.” Khushi said pointedly, clearly indicating it that she had enough of the teasing.

“Too bad Khushi. I plan to take my sweet time with you today”

With that he took her lips capture once again and maneuvered them to the large bed that has been neglected so far in their eagerness for each other.

He pushed Khushi onto the bed and watched with hooded eyes as she adjusted herself of the bed and rose of her elbows, giving him a tantalizing view of her breasts.

He grasped both her hands into one of his and pulled them over her head, quietly instructing her “Leave them there Khushi, you are not allowed to touch, if you do, I stop. Understand?”

He crawled over to her and placing a hand on either side of her head, kissed her again. He trailed his lips to her cheeks, then her jaw leaving a trail of burning skin, making sure that his lips were the only things touching her.

He trailed over her neck sucking and soothing her skin, marking her as his. He moved away for a minute and took in her heaving chest and her flushed face. God! She was beautiful! And all his!

He leaned down and took a peak into his mouth causing her to gasp and rise off the bed. Having no vision, each touch, each kiss was even more pronounced in its intensity to her. Not knowing where he was or where he would touch her next was stimulating her even more. Not to mention the fact that her hands were restrained in the fear that he would stop this heavenly pleasure. It was becoming incredibly hard for Khushi to control herself.

“Arnav, please” she begged, hoping that her sweet torture was going to come to an end. But he was Arnav Singh Raizada and he didn’t listen to anyone’s pleas, especially ones that would keep them from having an unparalleled pleasure.

He trailed his fingers down her waist, barely touching her and roamed them up and down her thighs, not touching her where she needed him most. He followed the same path with his lips ghosting over her womanhood, but not giving her the satisfaction she needed.

After what felt like a millionth time of begging, he let his hands trail towards her, and she gasped at the unexpected intrusion. He used his fingers to pleasure, adding his lips and tongue to her service, but not letting her climax. Pulling back just in time, not quite letting her have her la petite mort.

” Please, Arnav, I can’t take it anymore.” Khushi whispered, “Please.” It was a testament to his self-restraint that he had lasted this long, but rejecting her pleas now would not only be cruel to her, but impossible to him.

He felt like tightly coiled spring that would snap at any moment. He crawled over her body, letting her feel him sliding over her. He kissed her again, this time tenderly, such a contrast to their night filled with passion, as he entered her.

She sighed in relief, and at the same time arched her back in anticipation, inviting him, enticing him further.

And so they began the dance only intimate couple were lucky enough to know, giving, taking, demanding at times, but always in sync. The sounds made by Khushi egging him on, his grunts making her lose control. Hands eager to touch, lips restless to taste, and hearts fervent to please, to love, to become one.

And when they reached the eminent peak, they burnt together, as one, and were consumed by the scorching heat.

She whispered her love to him, and he kissed her in return, letting her know that he loved her too.


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