My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, leave you blind
My love, you have found peace
You were searching for relief

“You may kiss the bride”, said the pastor, smiling as he saw the couple in front of him attack each other as soon as they were given the green signal.

“I love you” murmured Khushi, before claiming his lips.

Arnav pulled back long enough to whisper “I love you too”, after which he promptly bit her lip and went back to kissing her.

“Hmm hmm” the throat clearing and the catcalls of their friends reminded them that they weren’t the only two people around. Damn!

“If you can stop trying to eat each others’ faces for a second, we have something for you.” said Payal, receiving a punch from Khushi for her trouble.

“What?” Arnav huffed, highly peed off that his make out session was interrupted. They were married for f**k’s sake! Was it too much to ask for some privacy?

“Well…” Aakash trailed off teasingly.

“Aakash, spit it out or I’ll make you!” threatened Arnav, not in the mood for his games.

“Aakash, tell him before he punches you”, NK chuckled as he placed his arm around Aakash and kissed his cheek.

“Dude! You are no fun!” Aakash grumbled. “I have no idea how Khushi deals with you.”

Seeing Arnav losing his cool, Anjali interrupted “We were just going to say that we have a surprise for you.”

“We booked a honeymoon for you in New York!” exclaimed Payal, bouncing in glee.

“What? But I thought we didn’t have time for a honeymoon.” Khushi said, as she turned to look at Arnav questioningly. “Honey, you are going to be deployed in five days.”

Seeing Khushi’s smile turn sad, her friends rushed on to explain.

“It’s only for three days Khushi, you will have plenty of time to return and drop off Arnav at base.” smiled Payal, trying to hide her sadness.

Arnav cheered up considerably at the mention of a honeymoon, and some much needed privacy.

“Ready to spend the rest of your life with me?” he whispered in Khushi’s ear, nipping it.

Khushi smirked, “Let’s get through these three days, hubby.” she winked at him. “We’ll evaluate forever later.”

She squealed as he picked her up and carried her off to the car.

You gave it all, gave into the call
You took a chance and
You took a fall for us

You came thoughtfully, loved me faithfully
You taught me honor, you did it for me

“Please don’t cry Khushi. You know I hate it when you cry.” Arnav pleaded, trying to keep his own emotions in check.

This was the longest they would be away from each other. In their two years of dating, they haven’t spent more than a day apart.

He kissed her one last time as they announced his boarding, and whispered, “I love you. I will be back before you know it.”

“I love you too. Please be safe.” she sobbed into his arms, knowing he hated her tears, but not being able to stop them.

He hugged her tight before turning and walking away, taking her heart with him.

Tonight you will sleep for good
You will wait for me my love

Now I am strong (Now I am strong)
You gave me all
You gave all you had and now I am home

It had been the same routine for Khushi for the past six months now. Wake up, go to work, come home, eat, watch tv, go to sleep in hopes that the next day, she would wake up in his arms.

The only bright spot in all this was her friday night skype chats with Arnav. If not for them, she would not have survived this separation.

She was cleaning the kitchen when her phone beeped.

Thinking it was Payal trying to lure her into a girl’s night out, she ignored it.

But after a couple more messages were ignored, the phone started ringing.

Khushi sighed and picked it up, not paying attention to the number. “Hello? Payal, I told you…” she trailed off as she heard Arnav’s voice on the other end.

“Open the door, Khushi.”

“Arnav? Wha…How are you calling me?”

“Just open the door Khushi” she could hear the smile in his voice.

Wondering what he was up to now, she opened the door.

“Surprise!” he said awkwardly. He never was good at these things, this was her department.

Khushi ran into his arms and hugged him tight, wrapping her legs around him, wanting to get as close as she could to him. It has been way too long.

Their lips collided in a passionate kiss, and they were home.

Neither of them knew how they made it to the bed, or when they had lost their clothes.

It could have been minutes, hours or days for all they cared. Their hands and lips, reassuring each of them of the others presence, bringing the other to the peaks of pleasure.

They lay tangled in each others arms, spent, as the first rays of sun made their way into their bedroom.

“How did you manage this?” Khushi asked, drawing patterns on his chest.

“I requested for a three day leave. I couldn’t very well spend your first birthday after we married away from you”  he kissed her forehead, and ran his hands through her hair.

Khushi looked at him with tear filled eyes. How did she get so lucky?

“Oh come on! Stop the niagara falls, will ya?” he joked, earning a elbow to his stomach for his trouble.

The rest of the three days were spent in each others arms. They cooked together, went for walks along the river, kissed in the rain, slow danced under the stars, made love to into the early hours of dawn.

And when the time came for him to leave, it was no easier than it was the first time. But the promise of him being home in two months was a light at the end of the tunnel.

My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, leave you blind
My love, look what you can do
I am mending, I’ll be with you

“How are you?” he asked, wanting to reach through the screen and grab her in a hug.

“I am fine. What about you? Are you eating well? Are you taking your tablets on time? When are you coming back?” Khushi rattled off one question after another, not giving him a chance to reply.

“Khushi? Khushi…breathe! I am fine. Yes, I am eating well. And yes, i am taking my tablets on time. And I come back in fifteen days.” he smirked. “Why? Miss me?”

Khushi teared up at the reminder, “Miss you? Who will miss your ass? I was just asking so that I can kick my lover out of the house.” she said with a straight face.

“Lover? What lover? Who the f**k is this?” he growled, and Khushi laughed at the jealously on his face.

“Well, I needed someone to satisfy my needs, you know?” she smirked.

“Needs? Wait till I get there!” he warned with a smile, a promise.

“Fifteen more days.” she sighed.

“Fifteen more days.” he promised.

“Well, you better be here on time! I have a surprise for you!” she smiled mischievously.

“What? The lover?” he grumbled.

“Yes. I want a threesome.” Khushi giggled at the traumatized look on his face.

You took my hand added a plan
You gave me your heart
I asked you to dance with me

You loved honestly
Did what you could release

“Payal? I said no party! Okay? I want to spend some alone time with him before you guys descend on us.” Khushi screamed over the phone.

She rolled her eyes at the reply on the other end.

“Of course we want to do the deed! It’s been two months!” Khushi smirked, noting the stunned silence from her friend. Didn’t expect that did you?

The doorbell rang, and Khushi hung up on a stunned Payal to see who it was.

“May I help you?” she asked the men in uniform, dreading the possibilities.

“I regret having to inform you this ma’am, but Sergeant Arnav Singh Raizada died in action yesterday.”

Khushi could hear the officer speaking, but she couldn’t comprehend anything he was saying. She shook her head in denial, and screamed “No! You are lying!” she was shaking now, barely holding herself up, “I…I talked to him. He said he’s coming back!”

Grabbing the officer by his collar, she cried “He promised! He…he said he’d be back! He promised! He promised…” she sobbed.

Her knees buckled, and the last thing she heard before the darkness wrapped around her was the officer screaming her name.

I know you’re pleased to go
I won’t relieve this love

Now I am strong (Now I am strong)
You gave me all
You gave all you had and now I am home

She expected the day to be miserable – rain, wind, the works. She expected everything around her to  reflect the way she felt. But it was a nice, crisp summer morning, with not a black cloud in sight.

They were honoring him, he husband. Everyone said she must be proud for what he had done for his country, honored to be his wife.

Random strangers came up to her and gave her their sympathies, said they could understand how she must be feeling, imagine how much pain she must be in.

But she felt…nothing. Almost as if she wasn’t there. Her day started and ended with him. He was all she had. Her parents had died in a car accident three years ago, and when she met Arnav, he had become her family. He was her friend, her confidant, her love, her everything!

And now that he was gone, her emotions seem to have been replaced by a dark, bottomless void.

A old woman placed a hand on her shoulder, startling Khushi from her thoughts.

“I am sorry, honey. He seems to have been a very brave young man.”

“But the war took everything from everyone”, she sighed regretfully.

Patting her on the back once, the lady left.

But something she said struck a nerve in Khushi.

She couldn’t lose herself like this.

Placing a hand on her stomach, she whispered “Not everything.”

My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, I’ll be with you


11 thoughts on “ArHi OS : My Love

  1. Every single time that he left my heart sunk lower at the prospect of him not returning back alive.And when the officers knocked at her door, my heart broke for her.Glad to know atleast she has a part of him with her.The song was just too perfect.

  2. first of all thanks a million for giving me the blog link…………. i am deeply grateful for that & till now i have read only one Os of urs “forever gone” amazing part it is & u have detailed very well the feeling of a first time mother loosing her child hats off for that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am unable to read the whole blog in one go u know work & all but pls give me a weeks time to red ur stories & to comment on them …. u have told me that u are closing this blog within a week . can i get the extension for a week or so ? the stories need to be readf slow & relished not scanning without getting involved…. hope u will be ok with it… but i promise that i will tell my comments honestly about each and every work of yours .. all i need is a weeks time

  3. hey BM
    its first time I am reading any of your works and I am really glad I found it.
    I know its a big favor to ask but can you grant me access to your other works on wordpress
    I have already sent a request as Zyanah.and if you dont its not really a biggy I completely understand.

  4. 😥 Its just so sad, this could be a story of any soldier, leaving his wife to go on duty. I dont know how these wife’s survive knowing they may never see him again. Then again, maybe its the hope that they do that keeps them going. God bless them all, those that survive, those that return wounded never to be the same, and those that gave their lives, when asked to do so. Bless their wives, girlfriends siblings and parents who remained behind to remember them.

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