“Khushi!” Arnav screamed. “Would you get your butt down here? We need to leave in ten or we are going to be late!”

“Coming! Coming!” Khushi yelled as she raced down the stairs, putting her arms through her jacket and tying up her scarf.

“God! Would you chill? We are driving there, why would we be late? Stop screaming!” Khushi huffed.

“Sure. If I leave it up to you, I am sure we’ll be there by next year,” Arnav said, with a mocking smile.

Khushi punched his bicep, and dumped her luggage in his arms. “Now stop whining and get this in the car. I’ll be right back.”

“Now where are you going?” asked Arnav, exasperated.

“To tell goodbye to devi-mayya, of course,” she answered, looking at him like he was crazy.

Arnav snorted and walked away to put the luggage in the car.

Khushi walked over to the small mandir in their home and joining her hands in prayer, said “I know the world’s supposed to end tonight, but I need to do something before then, give me the strength to do it!”

“Oh and if it goes well, and you know, if the world doesn’t end, I will make jalebis for you after I get back from the trip!” Khushi opened her eyes and smiled at the devi-mayya’s idol.

“Khushi!” Arnav screamed again, and honked.

“Coming! Ugh! This guy! Also, take care of maa and paa! Who goes on a trip to goa the week the world is supposed to end? What if there is a tsunami! Parents, I tell you!”

“Anyway, take care of everything devi-mayya! I’ll, hopefully, be back soon,” after sending a flying kiss her way, Khushi turned her back to the idol and ran out of her house.

Slamming the car door shut, Khushi whirled to look at Arnav and said, “Ugh! Could you not shut up for 2 minutes? I was chatting with devi-mayya!”

Arnav started the car and said, “I don’t even know why I am friends with crazies like you! Talking with an idol.” he exclaimed. “Unbelievable!”

Khushi punched him again in the arm, and turned the music on loud so she wouldn’t have to hear his constant grumbling.


“This….” Arnav said, spreading his arms. “This is perfect.”

Khushi shoved him in the back, making him stumble. “You are nuts!” She moved over to the side and opening her backpack, took out the blanket they had packed and laid it over the grass.

“Says the girl who speaks to rocks,” said Arnav as he tumbled down on the blanket, occupying most of it. Khushi shoved him aside and sat down, bringing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her hands around them.

“So…you never did tell me, why did you want to come here?” asked Khushi, and turned to look at him looking at the stars with his hands under his head.

“I don’t know. If this really is the end of the world, I guess I wanted to spend it here,” he said, looking at Khushi, “with my best friend.”

Khushi flushed at his intense gaze, and turned her head forward. This place really was perfect. From where they sat, they could look over the entire valley, the moon and stars twinkling bright in the sky, the occasional chirping of the birds, the night air cold enough to provide relief but not so cold that it was uncomfortable.

Arnav got up from his position and sat beside her, his posture mirroring her’s.

“Why did you agree?” he asked after a moment of comfortable silence.

“Hmm…?” she asked, lost in her own thoughts.

“Why did you agree to come with me?”

She turned to look at him, only to find him staring at her, “I had nothing else to do?”

Arnav turned his eyes away, but not before Khushi saw a flash of disappointment and sadness in his eyes. Could it be…

“What do you want to do?”

“What do you mean…” started Khushi, confused.

“It’s going to be midnight in a minute Khushi. What do you want to do if it really is the last day?”

Khushi hesitated, but after contemplating for a second, she placed her hand on his shoulder, and urged him to look at her. And when he did, with one last plea to devi-mayya, she said, “This,” and kissed him.

Arnav, not expecting the kiss, didn’t respond instantly, but when he felt her pulling away with a sigh of resignation, he pulled her flush to him and captured her lips in another kiss, this one more passionate and hungry than the last.

They pulled apart after what felt like ages, and both their eyes flew to the watch on Arnav’s hand. It was 12: 01 and everything was as peaceful as it was before.

Arnav looked into Khushi’s eyes and smiling crookedly, he said, “I guess it’s not the end of the world, but I sure am thankful to those mayans!”


So…..yeah. Wrote this in half an hour. It’s not that great, but I just wanted to share. Hopefully you guys liked it 🙂 I’ll see you guys soon with updates if the world doesn’t end tonight! 😀


38 thoughts on “ArHi OS : End Of The World

    1. SWEETNESS :’D

      I love how they both felt something for each other, but both were scared to show it first …

      Then Khushi was like, “lol YOLO let’s do disss” and kissed him xD

      And right as the clock struck 12 as well! :’D

      A new year, a new beginning … Just … perfection really. :’)

      Loved it! 😀 x

  1. Hahahahahahaha! Chalo Mayans kuch kaam toh aaye!

    I love AU settings and this one was amazing – using the hysteria around the world with the already pagal Arnav and Khushi…sigh!

    And he also wanted to come here for the same reason he did! Awwwww!

    This was adorable, Ridz! 🙂

  2. Its was Perfect…
    Loved how both r hesitating to tell there feelings & wanted to know whats there in others mind….

  3. the world didn’t end yesterday..LOL

    It was such a cute OS..
    they both loved each other but were hesitating to show it

    The world didn’t end and they started a new journey
    just beautiful

  4. it is so cute.. i kept on asking my husband the same.. what would you want to do if this was the end of the day and he just kept on watching news channel.. LOL..

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