Another day. Another sunrise. Another eternity without her.

“Main pehle jaungi!” she screamed as she ran to the bathroom.

“Khushi!” he yelled, reaching the door just in time to place his hand over hers on the knob. “I have a meeting in an hour!”

“Toh? Mujhe puja ke liye der ho rahi hain! Naniji kya sochenge?” she said, eyes wide, as if that was the worst thing she could imagine.

“Khushi…” he said, exasperated. “Use the guest bathroom.”

“Aap hi use kar lijiye,” she retorted.

“Main nahi jaunga. Ye mera room hain,” he said. “Tum jao.”

“Ye hamara bhi room hain. Aap jayiye!”




“Di!” she exclaimed, looking at the door.

“Di?” he turned back, only to find an empty entryway.

“Aap!” she screamed one last time and slammed the bathroom door behind herself.

He took his clothes out of the cupboard slowly, there was no need to rush. There was no one to fight with over the bathroom, no one to make him late to his meeting, no one to bicker with.

“Ye lijiye. Jaldi kha lijiye aur davayi le lijiye,” she said, placing the breakfast beside his laptop.

“Shhh!” he said, pointing to his phone. He was on a early conference call with the team in America.

She pointed to the breakfast and made an exaggerated motion of scooping it up and eating.

He looked at her like she was crazy. “Just a minute,” he said to the people on the other end.

“Khushi…main kha lunga. You can go.”

“Aap nahi khate. Bas kaam main pade rehte hain, aur bhul jaate hain. Jab tak aap nahi khaenge, main yahi rahungi,” she said stubbornly.

He shook his head and went back to his call, eating bites of breakfast whenever she reminded him of it.

A knock on the door startled him out of his memories.

“Arnav bhaiyya, tiffin laga du?” Hari prakash asked.

He shook his head, “Main jaldi main hun. Office main khalunga,” he said, knowing it was a lie.

Hari Prakash nodded and left.

He missed her pestering him about his eating habits, her irritated sighs when he wouldn’t take his medicines on time, her harmless anger when he would try to leave without taking breakfast.

“Ye lijiye,” she said, placing his lunch box on his table.

He looked up from his laptop to find her leaving.

“Tum nahi khaogi?” he asked, surprised that she wasn’t staying behind until he completed his lunch, like she usually did.

She looked at him and pouted. “Maine aaj vrat rakha hain,” she said, with a longing look towards his lunch.

“Toh?” he asked, not understanding what that had to do with her staying behind, she didn’t eat with him. She usually munched on something or something else while cooking, so she waited till she went home to eat with the family.

“Toh ka kya matlab?” she said, frowning. “Arnavji! Main aaj raat tak kuch kha nahi sakti, aur agar main yahan rahi toh mujhe aur bhook lagegi aapko khate dekh ke.”

Arnav shot a smirk towards her, and slowly opened his box. “Accha?” he said, taking a bite of his puri.

“Mmm…bahut accha hain, Khushi. Are you sure you don’t want some?” he teased.

She licked her lips, and looked at him like he ran over her puppy.

He pushed the box towards her in invitation. She almost took a step towards it before coming to her senses.

“Main nahi khaungi!” she screamed, and ran out of the room.

His laugh echoed throughout the floor.

“Sir, do you want me to send some lunch from the cafeteria?” asked Aman.

“No, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure, Sir? You need to…”

“I said I’m fine, Aman!” he yelled. “Now get out of my room.”

He closed his eyes when he heard the door close behind Aman. He shouldn’t have yelled, but he just didn’t like anyone trying to take care of him…anyone that wasn’t her.

He longed for her caring eyes, her beautiful laugh, her crazy antics when it came to food. He wished he could have it all back.

“Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada!” was the first thing he heard as soon as he picked up the call.

He raised an eyebrow at that and smirked, waiting to see what his crazy wife had planned this time.

“Bolo Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.”

She blushed at that, “Abhi tak hum sirf Khushi Kumari Gupta hi hain,” she said, knowing that that would irritate him.

“Not for long,” he grumbled. “What’s up?”


“Main…tum…kya, Khushi?”

“Kyaaaphumaresaatdateparjayenge,” she said in a rush, and cringed.

“Kya?” he asked, just to tease her, even though he had caught what she said.

“Who…hum soch rahe the…kya hum…aap aur main…” she took a deep breath, “…dinner par jaa sakte hain?”

“Khushi Kumari Gupta,” he said, pretending to be shocked, “Are you asking me out on a date?”

She huffed at his teasing, and decided to give as good as she got “Rehne dijiye. Main uss Karan ke saat chale jaungi.”

“Khushi!” he yelled, as she giggled. “Khushi! Tum suno….”

He wanted to bicker with her again, tease her, make her angry. He wanted to flick her nose when it became red with anger. He wanted to hear her giggles when she thought she one upped him.

Arnav woke up when he felt something hit him in the face. He opened his eyes to find Khushi’s hand on his face, and her leg wrapped around his.

He tried to push her off a little, only to have her wrap her arms around him even tighter.

“Ye ladki…” he sighed, “Khushi…Khushi!”

“Mmmm….” she sighed, and snuggled in even more.

He looked at her peaceful face, her beautiful smile, her fist closed around his collar, and smiled.

He closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

He missed having her wrapped around him when they slept, her warmth surrounding him like a blanket, her hand wrapped around his shirt possessively, her face peaceful after a long, tiring day.

“Hum bhi aap se I love you…dammit!”

He missed her confessions of love.

“Agar koi chudail aapke paas aayi, toh usse…usse jaan se maar dalenge!”

He missed her jealousy, her possessiveness of him.

“I trust you…your love.”

He missed her caresses, her embrace that made him feel indestructible, her kisses that were sweetest nectar her had ever tasted., her skin, so soft to his touch, her endless eyes that shone with warmth and love.

He wished he had hugged her and told her he loved her. He wished he told her nothing else mattered, as long as he had her by his side. He wished he hadn’t broken the trust she had placed in him. He wished he had run after her. He wished he had made her his wife. He wished he hadn’t let her die thinking that he didn’t love her.

More than anything, he wished he had one more day with her, just one, to tell her that he loved her.

He closed his eyes, letting a lone tear escape, to fall into the endless oblivion of sleep, the only place where his wishes were granted.

Another night. Another sleep. Another dream that will never come true.


A sequel to One More Day…the song haunted me until I wrote this. Hope you guys like it 🙂

Here’s a link to the OMD, if you haven’t read it

Oh! And this goes out to Anissa, for not letting me wallow about you-know-what 😉


60 thoughts on “ArHi OS : Another Day

  1. For all the bull shit arnav had thrown at khushi.
    For all the times he broke her heart, hurted her emotionally , physically and then to hope that she would welcome him with open arms. I would say that arnav is the biggest looser.
    But i loved the os!

  2. Superb and beautifully written.
    Why is arnav missing her? The way each and very second is reminding arnav of Khushi, his life is totally dependent on her because he shared very moment with her. She became an important part of her life.

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