Recently, a good friend compared my sass to that of Regina George’s (more on that in a few weeks). I don’t know about sass, but I have the insane urge to create a burn book about all the idiots logically challenged people in our country. This will be an opinionated and a blunt rant, very different from this blog’s usual content but I felt the need to write this. Please feel free to click-off if this isn’t your cup of tea.

On January 28th, All India Bakchod, a comedy group in India, uploaded a video of ‘AIB Knockout’ to YouTube, where a group of comedians roasted Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, with Karan Johar acting as the roast master. To those not familiar with a ‘roast’, it’s where a person or a group is ‘roasted’ with insult comedy. It’s vulgar, it’s crass, but it’s fucking hilarious. Personally, I found some jokes repetitive and unfunny, but overall, it was worth a watch. I think I described it to a friend as a ‘bad accident you can’t help but be fascinated with’.

Fast-forward two days, and the video goes viral. And of course, as anything that has the audacity to be watched by millions of people across the world, it attracts the attention and wrath of all the “cultured” people in India, who have never in their life spoken a vulgar word or misguided the youth of India.

First of all, the fact that freedom of speech is nothing but a farce in India is disgusting. I don’t understand how people can be so stupid as to not see the fact that, the same right they are fighting against when they want offensive content removed, is the right which provides them with the cushion to express their own opinions.

But the fact that truly enrages me is that, insults and vulgar language being passed between consenting adults, and being watched by other consenting adults who paid to be there, is what is considered National Shame. Rather convenient to forget about the other million and one fucked up things in India, isn’t it?

Let me help you out. Be enraged about these instead:

  • The countless number of times every day, every hour, wherein an uneducated, uncouth, uncultured swine speaks out against women and women’s rights.
  • It being illegal to identify oneself as a homosexual under Indian law, whereas marital rape is still being protected by the same.
  • Female Infanticide.
  • Corruption.
  • Poverty.
  • Religious Riots.
  • Sexual Harassment.
  • Rape.

If you want to be ashamed of something in that country, be ashamed of the continued existence of the above, the country’s leaders’ inability to take charge and our own inability to call them out on their bullshit. Not a fucking comedy show!


3 thoughts on “National Shame

  1. I agree with you. I haven’t watched the AIB video but now I really want to. Sad that it has been removed.
    Personally I’m not a fan of abusive comedy but at the same time nobody was forced to watch the show. Add to it that the two actors and the director consented to be roasted. When they don’t have any problem why should anyone else have? Nobody did anything when our politicians are caught watching porn in the parliament, when they threaten that they can get a fellow female politician murdered and raped. Seriously we have enough problems in the country but a comedy show isn’t one of them.

  2. Which freedom of speech, Ridzy? Do we really have it? Each time a film is banned, or abook, or a great artist like Hussain’s paintings vandalized, we show to the world our love for freedom of speech and expression. And we Indians don’t even have a sense of humour. We can rarely take a joke and cannot laugh at ourselves. Kudos to Sonakshi and Alia for having a fu***g sense of humour and laughing at the way they were roasted and supporting the roast.
    Thanks for writing this. I have watched bits of the roast and now regret not having watched the whole thing. Wonder when it’ll be put up again on Youtube. Or will it ever?

  3. you know what, i completely agree with you. I remember when ramleela and PK came out, the oldies made such a fuss about it having strong sexual content, having the religious name ramlila linked to it and PK for opening the world’s eyes about religion. as far as i know, everyone has sex, some people even go as far as to rape. If the country chose to speak up about the topic more, we may not have as many sex starved men. Why is a taboo topic when everyone engages in it? it is part of life. and for PK, what they said about some religious leaders was true, it just hurt their male chauvanistic balls to much when someone has actually used their freedom of speech right to speak out and make people aware of things.

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