Shivaay Singh Oberoi was going to make a murderer out of her. She was quite sure of that fact. What should have scared her, but didn’t, was the fact that she was looking forward to strangling the life out of him.

“Apologize, or else…” he said, leaving the sentence hanging, to strike fear into her heart, she guessed.

If he thought she would retreat in fear, he had another thing coming.

“Or, what?” she asked, raising her chin in defiance.

She saw him raise an eyebrow at her reply, and before she could take her next breath he had grabbed a hold of her arm and pushed her into the pool.

Gasping, she had just managed to close her mouth before she went plunging into the ice cold water.


Rising from the water, she pushed her drenched hair away from her face, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

She saw him step into her line of vision and saw red. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt rage like this.

She was so angry, she could kill him without feeling an ounce of guilt. Afraid of what she would do or say if she was in his vicinity for even a second longer, she stepped around him and walked away.

Or tried to, at least, until she felt him grab a hold of her arm and halt her.

“Apologize,” he demanded again, and if she wasn’t so angry she could have exploded, she would have laughed at his petulance.

Shaking her head, she tried to move away again, only to be pulled back with such force that she turned around and smacked into his chest.

“Do you want to know…,” he asked, glaring at her. “…what I could do to you, if you don’t apologize?”

When she said nothing, he pulled her closer, much closer, to himself, tightening his hold on her arm.

She bristled.

She was sick and tired of men holding her sexuality over her. Especially Shivaay Oberoi with his chin that seemed to be stuck in its raised position, it was a wonder he didn’t suffer from chronic neck pain, and his perfectly carved eyebrow that would disappear into his hairline if it went any higher.

Taking a subtle breath, she leaned into his hold. She saw his eyes widen slightly at her move, but before he could say or do anything, she closed her eyes and planted her lips on his.

She felt his hold grow slack in shock, and took the opportunity to push him away.

He stumbled back, all the while staring at her in disbelief.

“That?” she asked, raising an eyebrow of her own. “Is that what you can do?”

Without waiting for an answer, she turned around and walked away.


AN: In the spirit of full disclosure, I don’t watch the show. I haven’t watched a single scene except the one above, that too, thanks to my over enthusiastic friends who are all firmly aboard the Ishqbaaaz train. Forgive any OOO-ness.

Like Anika in the OS, I am quite tired of the hero grabbing the heroine and asking “Do you know just what I am capable of?” in every serial, and wanted to write an ending to those scenes that I would much prefer over the originals LOL

If inspiration strikes, I shall see you again. 😉


13 thoughts on “AnShi OS : Checkmate

  1. Haha, made it to first place atleast on this one….like you have only watched this show in bits and snatches when killing time in front of the TV….and to satiate the mild curiosity about what Gul and team would have done with their next show. The protagonists are all pleasant looking enough and can act reasonably, however, there is that thing about repeating stereotypical scenes till you kill the interest of audiences. They cannot in all honesty replicate an IPKKND and they certainly need to stop trying…hm?

    Loved the scene described above….Shivaay Oberoi certainly seems too arrogant for his own good. Hopefully that girl is as feisty as our Khushi and will take nothing lying down. Good shot! 👏🏽



  2. If I remember correctly all that Gul has done is the hero overbearing n insulting and then he fights with the craziness of the heroine n then yeah falls hard for her n her craziness looks cute n whatever ! N ishqbaaz is her serial??? Oh god

    Hey but I liked your story dear n I wldn want the lead of ur story to do anything with this arrogant guy .

  3. Which serial is this? The hairline touching eyebrow is asr trademark… Grrr.. Who is this shivay encroaching on asr’s territory!!??..;-).. Jokes apart.. It was as intense as ipkknd… Good one…

  4. Have seen it in bits & pieces. Gul is trying to repeat/remake IPK with this one (using Farak padta hai & dammit).
    Haven’t seen the scene but liked your take.

  5. OMG, I thought this involved Arhi! Personally I would have preferred the girl ( in my head Khushi ) to have pushed him in the pool himself. However a swift knee jerk motion should have had him falling in the pool himself. 🙂
    Recently I have seen so many similar scenarios it puts me off watching them.. give me IPK anyday.

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